New catalogue The New Familiar

Published by Studio Ilgen, Berlin, 2023 Hardcover, 82 pages, full color pictures of new paintings and sculptures, 2020-2023.

The ART pages have been updated

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updated short list of recent essays by Fré Ilgen including texts about artists Lee Young Rim, Natvar Bhavsar, Cristobal Gabarron and text for symposium APA 2022

> new illustrated biography displaying the many activities of Fré Ilgen


informal discussions and receptions in Berlin, Germany

THE VIEWER? The Actual Purpose of Art

English, hardcover, 212 pages, 60 color reproductions.
Published by Salon Studio Ilgen, Germany, 2022. ISBN 978 3 00 072728 3

Key notions: eye movements, alignment, familiarity, focus of attention, bewilderment, the brain’s need for stress and decline of stress, well-being, health.

The book offers a first theory for the natural need of having art in one’s private environment as important attribute of everyday functioning. Not unlike music, important in life’s focusing and well-being. Ilgen furthermore offers explanations how art can work as attribute of corporate social responsibility.

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catalogue book
"Fré Ilgen – The Changeling – Contemporary Classic"

color and black/white pictures, covering 272 pages, published by Studio Ilgen. Berlin, 2020,
ISBN 978-3-00-064884-7
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